Ms. Delight o Life – memories

28 Aug

Ms. Delight is the name of a book I read while a student and found the book again in a College Street bookstore : The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant – first published in 1926. The book (henceforth called as DoL) is a summary sketch, not of philosophies but of greater philosophers of the Western world spanning from Socrates to Bertrand Russel – a time span of of 2500 years. All these great men ( all the philosophers included were male ) had the same experience as I had with Ms. Delight. Actually, I have borrowed from her greatest and oldest admirer Plato to call her as Delight of Life.

I promised to provide a portrait of Ms Delight and from some 700 folio pages, I shall provide how Ms. Delight concludes when one of her greater lovers leave their bodies, i.e.die.  Ms. Delight has declared through the mouth of one of her mercurial lovers : Contemplation of death gives rise to philosophical temperament and its finality is the start of religion. 

 There is a pleasure in philosophy, and a lure even in the mirages of metaphysics, which every student feels until the coarse necessities of physical existence drag him from the height of thought into the economic mart of strife and gain

Do you now understand what Ms. Delight told me regarding myself forgetting her in these 20 years ? 


” … After the feast, the tired revellers came to  wake him. They found that during the night, he had passed from a little sleep to an endless one. All Athens followed him to the grave”


“..The glory that had been Greece faded now in the dawn of the Roman sun; and the grandeur that was Rome was the pomp of power rather than the light of thought. Then that grandeur too decayed, and that little light went almost lost. For a thousand years darkness brooded over the face of Europe.All the world awaited the resurrection of philosophy’

Francis Bacon

” He had written in his will that these proud and characteristic words :’ I bequeath my soul to God…My body to be buried obscurely. My name to the next ages and to foreign nations.’ The ages and the nations have accepted him


Ernest Renan speaking about Spinoza in 1882 : The truest vision ever had of God, perhaps came here”


At the French Academy, at the close of the sitting, he said “Gentleman, I thank you in the name of the alphabet’ to which the Chairman, Chastellux replied – ‘And we thank you in the name of letters’. He was refused Chirstian burial in Paris….In 1791, the National Assembly of the triumphant Revolution forced Louis XVI to recall Voltaire’s remains to the Pantheon. On this tombstone, only three words were necessary

                                                                     HERE LIES VOLTAIRE 

Immanuel Kant

…Germany lost Goethe, Hegel and Beethoven. It was the end of an epoch, the last fine effort of Germany’s greatest age.


In an age when all the great seemed dead he preached once more the ennobling worship of heroes. And with all his faults he succeeded in adding another name to theirs

Friedrich Nietzsche

He died in 1900. Seldom has a man paid so great a price for genius.



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